When civilisation was in its infancy, the uncontrolled expansion of technology caused a cultural implosion - distractions, pollution and overly-advanced warfare all contributed to its ultimate collapse. Scholars at the time foresaw this catastrophe, but society ignored their warnings and thus sacrificed their own salvation.

All the technology they had developed was annihilated, but nature was saved due to the invention of Gaia Machina. Built under the foundations of what is today Keble College, this machine’s purpose was to regenerate the symbiosis of man and nature and reinstate global harmony.

Recent developments in environmental degradation have triggered Gaia Machina’s revival - it is now ready to rebalance humanity, technology, and nature.


It’s time to celebrate the re-birth of mother nature. Join us as technology aids you in discovering your true origins. Creativity was sucked from the world as nature was beaten back by the uncompromising march of technology.

Witness the explosion of human artistic expression as we rediscover the what we lost in our insatiable drive for technological development. Artistry will return itself to the world, starting on Hayward quad. Reclaim your roots as children of nature: dance to an array of musical talents and marvel at the many spectacles that are on offer.

Gaia Machina has caused the perfect concoction of sights and sounds to stimulate the senses and commemorate the return of the power of nature to the world.

Food & Drink

Gaia Machina lies at the heart of Keble, where it has guided nature in generating wondrous food and drink; everything tastes better than ever. Come and celebrate the marriage of nature and technology with the most illustrious spread of sweet and savoury.

Earth might have collapsed, but fortunately Gaia Machina managed to save some of the worlds best delicacies- each waiting to be tried by you.

Immerse yourself in a culinary forest, where you can experience the best Mother Earth and the modern world have to offer- bathe in the fruits of the heaviest branches, and let cocktail crescent concoct you the sweetest nectars.

With the rebirth of Gaia Machina comes the awakening of your tastebuds- sit back and indulge in a night of gastronomic delight.


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Keep up to date

More information will become available as the power of the Gaia Machina begins to grow, follow us below to keep up to date with all the latest information.


Your Ball Committee

Co-presidents: Yannis Baur & Grace Allen

Secretary: Grace Kettle

Treasurer: Ileesha Singh

Logistics: Dakshesh Dharmadhikary & Mila Feldman

Entertainment: Katie Lancaster with Neave O'Sullivan & Oliver Orders

Security: Sam Hitchcock

Environment & Ethics: Oliver Adcock

IT: George Chichirim

Food & Drink: Alex Somerville-Large with Alice Peat, Olivia Leigh and Stuart Mcloughlin

Creative: Reem Sultan with Natasha Mehra & Verity Shilabeer

Design and Marketing: Louis Waloschek

Ticketing: Vlad Dumitru

Employment: Olivia Wilson

Neptune Investment Management

A warm welcome from Neptune

Neptune Investment Management is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of Keble Ball 2019. Over the eight years of our partnership, we have seen the Ball grow to become one of the most popular college balls and we are thrilled to work with the Committee once again to achieve what we hope will be the most successful event yet.

A few words on who we are

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We believe that pure active management offers investors the best opportunity to successfully grow their wealth over the long term.

At Neptune, we pride ourselves in nurturing and developing young talent whether this is in our own employees or through our sporting and arts partnerships. We think the hard work, dedication and commitment required to pursue your studies at Oxford deserves to be celebrated. We hope you have a fantastic evening at this year’s Gaia Machina Ball!

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