What is Apophis

Preliminary observations by Goldstone radar have detected that asteroid 99942 Apophis will pass through a gravitational keyhole, causing it to collide with Earth on its second pass.

Though Earth will be uninhabitable, this is not the apocalypse. A UN organised think-tank has created an answer. Uploading to a virtual reality. Enter Keble and be uploaded to a ball unlike any you’ve encountered before.

But be warned. There are only a few months until impact. Scientists are in a race against time. Glitches and errors in the new virtual world are inevitable...


As you explore your way through our new virtual world, bid farewell to what you thought you knew as you are plunged into a packed night of entertainment and music.

Across 2 stages we have an eclectic mix of music; the Main Stage in Pusey will host acts from rising stars to household names to legendary performers, whilst the second stage is guaranteed to complement to all music tastes. In regards to entertainment, expect everything to be out of the ordinary as we put on a night guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

Food & Drink

All your culinary cravings have been uploaded to the Apophis server, and will be available for your consumption at your local upload zone: Keble College. You can find comfort in the incredibly lifelike food stalls, each programmed to a cuisine you loved in The Old World.

There are tasty treats both sweet and savoury throughout Apophis, so make sure to explore and try each sensational supper. If it’s liquid libations you desire, travel to cocktail crescent and engage in the taste experience of cocktails coded to quench your thirst and excite your senses, or sample the VR experiments on new mixology possibilities.

We are afraid some of the Apophis sustenance sites are a little glitchy... we hope you don't mind.

Nothing is as it seems.


Tickets are now sold out. If you have purchased a ticket then you can manage it on the ticketing system below:


Keep up to date

More information will become available over time as we approach upload day, follow us below to keep up to date with all the latest information about apophis

Your Ball Committee

Co-presidents: Cathy O’Brien & Ben Jacob

Secretary: Remi Pfister

Treasurer: Niles Breuer

Logistics: Rubi Ingaglia & Becca Schwartz

Sponsorship: Sakina Mehenni

Entertainment: Rachel Lu, Darius Parvizi-Wayne & Jake Cunningham

Security: Tommy Walden-Smith

IT: Jack Arthur

Food & Drink: Grace Allen, Annie Tseng, Jess Vyas & Rufus Sachdev-Wood

Creative: Chloe Dootson-Graube & Alex Dallman-Porter

Design and Marketing: Mila Fitzgerald

Ticketing: Yannis Baur

Employment: Alex Hogg

Neptune Investment Management

A warm welcome from Neptune

Neptune Investment Management is proud to be the Exclusive Sponsor of the Keble Ball 2018. We pride ourselves in nurturing and developing young talent, whether among our own employees or through our educational, sporting and arts partnerships.

A few words on who we are

Neptune is an independent and privately owned investment management company, founded in 2002 by Robin Geffen and built on principles of teamwork and partnership.

We specialise in long-term investments that could help you provide for your future. We take a hands-on approach, conducting our own fundamental research, and believe that outperformance can be achieved by correctly interpreting changes in the real world.

Neptune has a wide selection of funds, from global portfolios to more specialised regional funds. All our funds can be held within an ISA, pension or simply invested in directly so you can access your money at any time.

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