The Abyssus Theory

Keble Ball 2017


The Theory

Proposed by Edward Forbes in 1843, the Abyssus theory states that "beyond a depth of 300 fathoms (around 550m), marine life ceases to exist".

Join us at Keble Ball 2017 to explore the darkest depths of the abyss.

Food & Drink

At Keble Ball 2017, be prepared for our food and drink to plunge you into a sea of delights, as we take you on a global culinary tour, sampling food from each continent and venturing into the ocean, for an array of maritime treats. From savoury to sweet, there will be something for everyone to delight in. Descend into hedonistic excess with the return of our legendary cocktail crescent, where you will be able to excite your taste buds and quench your thirst with our perfectly balanced cocktails. For the ale lovers amongst you, visit our seafarer's bar and sample our range of brewed products. Feel the thrill of the deep in our experience rooms and brace yourself for the dive into the abyss.


A sea of entertainment awaits you at Keble Ball 2017.

Over on Hayward Quad, an eclectic mix of Oxford based acts, up-and-coming selectors and cover bands of some of your favourite artists will set the scene for a night of euphoria.

On our Pusey Quad, internationally renowned talent spanning all genres combined with a two-channel silent disco will see you through to the early morning. If your feet are tired, wander over to our various stands and installations to relax and enjoy all that Keble Ball has to offer. This will be a fully immersive experience not to be missed.


Keble Ball is recruiting. We need you to get involved in the operations of the night and make sure everyone has fun.

There are 2 types of position to apply for:

Managers: you will be in charge of small teams, managing either bars or the cellar. These few spots will be given to those with experience. You will be expected to work for the full night. The pay for this position is £80.

General Staff: you will help serve food and drink and assist with the logistics of the Ball. You can work half the night – either in the first half or the second half of the Ball - and earn a reduced price ticket for £50 or £20 respectively. Alternatively you can work the full night and receive payment of £70 in return.

Please note that you will be required to attend a training session prior to the Ball in 1st or 2nd week of Trinity term.

If you are interested in working at the Ball, please email


Presidents - Isobel Roberts Rajoo & Matthew Jamshed

Treasurer - Robert Weston

Food & Drink - Julia Warszewski, Ludo Findlay, Elizabeth Costello & Laura Tregidgo

Entertainment - Benedict Walker, Daniela Alvarez Garcia & Benjamin Jacob

Creative - Alexa Mackie, Lucinda Kirk & Harriet Fodder

Logistics - Edward Armstrong & Oliver Browne

Ticketing - Harry Donald

Marketing - Natalie Clark

Employment - Katherine Fraser

Design - Kate Weir

IT - Timothy Zakian

Sponsorship - Honor Loveridge & Shakeel Hashim




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